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EDP pricing (Re: EDP Group Purchase)

At 01:34 PM 11/9/98 +0000, muman@eskimo.com wrote:
>Even though I have lost the original post with the member's real 
>name, I would like to publicly acknowledge the efforts of "JMW" who 
>took the time and trouble to put together the Group Buy. I got a 
>great deal ($680 total w/foot pedal, shipping).
wow - seeing this msg inspired me to dig through my old receipts to
see how much i paid for my echoplex, because i certainly don't remember
paying *that* much!

found my receipt, dated 10/3/95 (yeah - 3 years ago, wow!), from
Renegade Music in Florida (don't even know if they still exist).
the total for the EDP with the foot controller and shipping was

did i just get massively lucky, or did Oberheim raised the price 
by $200?!  i know Oberheim stuff is now being manufactured by
some other division of Gibson - maybe their cost is higher now.
i'm still running the old EDP system firmware - but i can't imagine
that the new version adds an extra $200!

guess i should have bought stereo EDP's back then, when the price 
was right!!


john s cooper                     opcode systems, inc
http://www.planetz.com          http://www.opcode.com