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I remember seeing Paul Dresher (one of the premier loopers for sure) with
his guitar goodies/four track deck looping gear about 10-12 years back.  He
had about 24 (metallic and homemade-looking) volume pedals and I could see
that he was getting pretty sensitive control via the footgearless method.
He had a large asian-style woven mat under these and himself, which I
assumed kept his toesies from getting grounded to the concrete....

>At 06:57 PM 11/9/98 -0800, you wrote:
>>>How many other loopers play barefoot? I have for over 20 yrs.
>>It entirely depends on the gig. I'd never play a lounge show or wedding
>>barefoot. But I've played lots of club stages and outdoor shows 
>barefoot. I
>>let decorum, and sense, dictate.
>>i play shoeless,,quite often...it is nessecary when triggering my jamman 
>plex footpedal.since any sync-ing
>between the two, requires precise initiation.. in the human realm
>otherwise i would wear footgear,,,been zapped too many times as a youth,
>not to