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New EDP... no RAM!

Hey all,

Any one else get a new EDP with absolutely NO RAM in it??? The fault is
certainly not with Alto Music, the unit arrived in the original box from
Oberhiem, with my address slapped over Alto's. I can't believe that they
would ship units out of the factory without ensuring that they had the
normal complement of RAM. Sheesh. If any of you from Oberhiem/Gibson are
subscribing to this list, a hale and hearty PFTTTTTTTHB!!!!! to you in
spades! harumph! May your guitars spontaneously detune! There, I feel

Luckily, I had 4 old 1 meg simms left from a salvaged '386 so I still get
my instant gratification. You get some interesting effects when you've got
a loop sync'd and then push the reverse button on the slave unit. Do this a
couple of times on the slave and the two loops go out of phase. Very cool!