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Re: EDP Group Buy : you're quite welcome

I hope so too, not everyone has an old junked '386 sitting around gathering
dust. I experienced fortune in the mist of  (minor) misfortune.

The really beautiful thing about this whole experience was the level of
trust everyone has had with each other. Think about it: Calling a place,
sight unseen, at the recommendation of someone on the net that you may
never have met in person. In a darker world, this could have been a perfect
setup to steal credit card numbers...or worse. Don't underestimate what has
just happened. These moments of honesty and light are fewer and farther
between than any of us would like to admit. I'm really happy to have been a
part of it.

thanks again,


evening <evening@ulster.net> on 11/10/98 08:20:18 AM

Total bummer about the the lack of RAM in the EDP - hopefully it was just
a fluke...

happy looping,