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Re: Memory and EDP's future

Dear Kim,

        For an upgrade to occur it would also take a software upgrade too, 
to handle
the new memory addresses, just like it does with the older computers, or 
the motherboards of today breaking the 512MB barrier, not all OS' out there
can handle it.  I would imagine the same holds true of the Echoplex in 
beyond 16MB (if the 4x9 from an earlier post is correct).  If they went to 
RAM, then it would be a matter of slots and whose memory to use, and then
whether or not to go PC100 or not.
        The slots themselves are pennies, and the physical RAM is not that 
prohibitive, either...  Just think with 2 slots you could go up to 256MB of
RAM that would run quite a bit faster than the old 30-pin SIMMs.
        Not to mention that they are less prone to have errors than the 
older 30-pins
SIMMs, too...  Oh well, just a little kibitzing on my part, hopefully 
at Gibson/Oberheim reads this one.