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Loopers in Vermont!?!? (was: Re: Bass loopage)

>Just moved (back) to this area--if only temporarily--and would love to 
>some of this stuff.  Where/when do you guys play?

hear hear!  when ya giggin'?

>Are there any other rural New England/Vermont type loopers out there
>doing their dope thing in these crazy woods?

so i'm not the only one in VT?
deep in the heart of nowhere, on the colder nights you can hear my jamman
howling near the edge of Lake Champlain.  scoping out Burlington for a
loop-freindly venue.  ideas?


 M   a   r    k         C   h  r   i   s   t   e   n   s   e   n
 Cramped  Quarters  Studio / Jasperpottamus  Music
 i  n  t  e  r  n  e  t :         murkie@middlebury.edu