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Sound Cards - an Inquiry

Weird, man - I've got the "sometimes it sends to the list, sometimes the
member" blues again....  Anyway!

Here's a question for you PC folks out there who are recording into their
PCs.  Which sound cards do you love?  Which do you loathe?  I am more
interested in PCI and further cards than ISA, considering ISA's forthcoming
retirement in 2000.  I've no desire to get into anything over $200, as on a
PC level it's chicanery to charge more than that at this stage, unless it
attaches to proprietary hardware, like an Otari or something.  Which, 
is out of my desired area of sophistication.  I'm not sure this has to be a
MIDI card, either, though that would seem to be the onboard feature of most
sound cards these days.

I'd appreciate responses via email at study00@earthlight.net, which I will
compile into a nice table if I get enough responses, enabling us both to
learn something, perhaps.  Give me the tech specs of the card in terms of
things like Response, S/N Ratio, Input/Output Jacks, extra features you
think make a difference.  I'd like to put it into a form that is readable 
humans, too. :)

Thanks in advance!

Stephen Goodman