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Re: Dpcoffin: Your setup

In a message dated 11/12/98 8:52:12 PM, you wrote:

<<I noticed you've got a couple of lines going into an SP-808.  Are
you sampling in real-time with it or triggering samples?

Hi, Paolo
Well, it'll do both, but until I get the FC-200 foot controller and 
with the MMC options, I won't know how hands-free this can be. At present 
very much a set-it-up-first kinda deal--easy enough to reach over and hit 
of a pre-recorded sample or assembled track while holding a note on the
guitar, but no realtime record and play back, without letting go of the
guitar. From reading the manuals, it doesn't seem like the system is really
able to do just what I want (duplicate an echoplex digital Pro!), but it 
be close, and I'll certainly report my results on the looper's list.