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Sat. Recital

The Arts Council of Princeton (Princeton, N.J.) and SlackAve.com present
The Music of
Carlton Joseph Wilkinson
Violin and Electric 5-string violin
performing the premiere of
My Undoing
for 5-string violin and tape
7:30 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 14, 1998
at the Arts Council of Princeton
102 Witherspoon Street, Princeton, N.J. (609) 924-8777
Admission $10

This is the first of a series of four recitals on the second Saturday of
each month featuring the recent work of Carlton Wilkinson and others, in
performances by

   * Sabrina Berger, violin Nov. 14
   * Stanley Alexadrowicz, guitar Dec. 12
   * Paul Mimlitsch, "tapped strings"/Loops, Jan. 9
   * Wilbo Wright and Deirdre McGrail, Feb. 13

for more information about upcoming recitals call the Arts Council at
the number above, or email Carlton at carwilk@prodigy.net