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RE: Roland Dr. Sample

I bought one of these a few months back.  And to tell you the truth I'd
probably be a bit frustrated with it if I didn't already have the
echoplex to use in conjunction with it.  You may want to hear from
someone who only uses the Dr. Sample.

I found it great for taking drum samples, spoken word phrases, or short
vocal samples.  You can then manipulate them by changing pitch,
time-stretch, add delay, or can filter them using two different
envelopes.  You cannot overdub . You can play up to four samples at
once, as long as you do not use any effects.  You can sample using the
two RCA jacks or the built-in mike.  The samples remain after you shut
the power off.

Sampling is easy to do and the BPM feature lets you come *close* to
syncing it up to other rhythms - at least for a few bars - it does have
a tendency to drift a bit.  I haven't used its MIDI applications yet but
I've been led to understand that they're rather limited.

With the standard factory memory you can get up to 16 samples stored at
once in two banks that are triggered by 8 pads, but at 12.5 seconds (if
you want top quality samples) they will be VERY short.  A huge drawback
is that most of the effects can only be used with its internal memory.
If you buy the pricey memory cards you get two more banks to sample with
and a lot more sample time.  You can still change the pitch but not the
time.  Nor can you add delay.  You can still filter the samples, though,
which is great fun.

I have a convoluted way of using it.  I will often take a sample on the
EDP, and re-sample to the Doctor.  Then I'll manipulate it to my heart's
content .  After sending it to the EDP again, I will then overdub using
the manipulated sample, which will be copied to other loops only to be
overdubbed some more.

Overall I'd say it is worth the $300, depending on what you want to do
with it.  I plan on writing a more detailed review of the unit for the
Tools page when I have a spare moment.....

> -----Original Message-----
> From: dan sumner [SMTP:permadan@yahoo.com]
> Sent: Wednesday, November 18, 1998 10:28 AM
> To:   TRUPOLO@rizzoliusa.com
> Subject:      roland dr. sample
> Has anyone used the Dr. Sample by roland?  I'm
> interested but am wary after being duped by roland before with the
> GR1.
> ---Howard Harawitz <howard@brooknorth.com> wrote:
> >
> > Roland has a DJ sampler too. In fact there are several of these
> things on
> > the market by Alesis, Yamaha and others.
> > 
> > Does anyone on the list have any comments about using these things
> and how
> > they compare to delay devices like the EDP for looping?
> > 
> > 
> > At 02:11 AM 11/8/98 EST, you wrote:
> > >From the most recent Sweetwater "InSync" online newsletter:
> > ><<New in stock at Sweetwater Sound: The ultimate new DJ tool, the
> Sony
> > >has arrived. It's a MiniDisc-based platform with sampling trigger
> banks and
> > >all sorts of instant looping and scratching features, including the
> > >obligatory big rubber scratch wheel. Speed and pitch can be
> adjusted
> > >independent of one another or together via a very simple dual
> slider
> > >mechanism. The neat thing is that with their ATRAC compression
> technology
> > >it's easy to record any performance you do right back to a MiniDisc
> and have
> > >it ready to play instantly - all in real time. An experienced DJ
> could
> > >really work some magic with this thing. Retail price $1200.>>
> > >So, I wonder if it can be controlled with a foot switch?
> > >dpc
> > >
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