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Re: Re[2]: Roland Dr. Sample/Filters

>who else uses a waldorf 4-pole besides miko and dan? could you tell us
>experiences with it?

me: i love that waldorf 4-pole fltr; great-sounding, w/a pretty deep
featureset for the price of admission.
(filter-slut that i am, i also love the z-vex seeqwah, the guyatone wr2, 
aw2, moog filters & the filters in both the tc fireworx & lexicon's mpxg2).
as with any sonic device/instrument thatcha haven't yet fuddled with, i 
ya might be best served by going out & *trying* this filtry stuff:
see if it suits yer needs:
descriptions awready offered, here, oughta be good enough as 'pointers', 
can't replace experience.