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Re: Recent CD releases by list members

At 09:59 PM 11/20/98 +0200, you wrote:
>How's the elbow? How's the practicing on your CD? Do I ask too many

The elbow is still less than 100% -- I'm trying to limit use of it as much
as possible, without immobilizing it -- I was on crutches with a knee a
couple of years ago, and it sucked, so I'm being very gentle :-).

The work on the CD has been going real well -- the time *flies by*, which,
I think, should tell me something.  I'm being seduced by these digital
tools -- rendering music rather than performing/recording it~  maybe this
is the future for me :-).

>This music
>business stuff really is hard to break into.

Yes, definitely -- especially if you're looking for a financial break-even
on a project-by-project basis. 

Let's chill a bit on reviews/mutual promotion -- ambient and looper's
overlap quite a bit, and, though I think we were within the bounds of
propriety last time, I don't want to press our luck -- the last thing
either of us needs is a backlash.  

Persistence is powerful; combined with flexibility/subtlety, doubly so :-).