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Re: simple looper recommendation DFX-98

hey guys this won't be of much help now, but I recently got a "real" job at
MARS music (don't ask me why I capitalized that probably due to corporate
brainwashing) and I was digging through our backstock trying to find the
Fizmos (ensonic) and I came across a DOD delay with 24 seconds delay time.
it looks really cool but since it's not on any planograms I can't drag it
out to the floor, I don't know if this is what you guys are talking about
because I didn't read the model name but this thing is definitly a looper
and also has what appears to be a built it gate which I can't wait to mess
with. I'll find out more info later I'm still trying to get that store
together we (we had our grand openning on saturday. 


PS we do stock the EDP!! did you know the store cost for the footpedal is
like 50 bucks!

> From: Nick Ring <nick@simons-rock.edu>
> To: andre <andre@monmouth.com>
> Cc: Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com
> Subject: Re: simple looper recommendation DFX-98
> Date: Saturday, November 21, 1998 1:54 PM
> Andre wrote about the DOD DFX98:
> > yeah!! saw that in the new thoroughbred mail order cat., and i notice
it is
> > officially a looper!!! looks like it has a jack for a simple latch
> > for the loop....
>       So this thing is finally coming out, eh?  I 
>       had pretty much given up on it.
>       Good to see.   Does anyone know if it _really_
>       is out?
>                               -nick