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Re2: Sound Cards - an Inquiry [off topic]

In a message dated 15/11/98 02:01:28 GMT, you write:

        Another thing to beware of is that if you are trying to press your 
 a WORM drive or even a rewritable is not the best way to go, as the sound
 quality is definitely not there; output it an ADAT and then take it to a
 house...  It's worth the extra money to have it done correctly. >>

WORM works fine for me, quality as good as any other CD.
I use a writer that is specific to WORM, as apparently decks that
support rewriting are not reliable for audio disks to use on
consumer CDplayers.

As I understand it the quality problem happens with drives that can't
read audio digitally (which is most of them). Commonly you can record
an audioCD onto hard disk, but the sound is first D/Aed by the CDdrive
and sent to the sound card for A/D.
With SCSI CD drives you don't have this problem though.

Off topic? yes but hopefully useful to creative-musos-with-computer-access.

Soundcard, I use an Event Gina (460)
2  in 8 out (+SPDif  I/O),20 bit , 48kHz(or 44.1).

SPDif    I/O recommended.

Andy Butler