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Re: Duh... Q: EDP & CV pedal for feedback control

At 09:23 PM 11/24/98 -0500, evening wrote:
>sigh....after fooling around with a soldering iron & my volume pedal I 
>Imagine my chagrin when I discovered that the EDP feedback input jack is 
>designed to work with a standard volume pedal (no rewiring required) - I 
>was under the mistaken impression that I needed to rewire the pot with a 
>TRS cable as the other CV pedals that I have are wired this way.
>I feel dumb....& my mantra for the day is - RTFM, RTFM, RTFM....

it's also in the FAQ on the website:



we made it work with a volume pedal because most people already have them,
for one, but also because it seems like a more rugged solution. Expression
pedals usually have flimsy little cables built into them, which break 
and then require soldering to replace. The pedals are often pretty wimpy
too. Volume pedals, on the other hand, just have a jack, so you can use a
good cable and replace easily if necessary. Only down side is the log taper
on volume pedals...linear seems a bit easier to use for feedback control.

>However - I'm still getting the wierd POP when the pedal is in it's full 
>off position 

there's a small trimpot inside the echoplex which is supposed to be set to
null out an offset voltage, eliminating such pops. My guess is the trimpot
in yours got knocked out of position or wasn't set right in the first 
It's possible to set that yourself, and is pretty easy really. I'll send
directions later when I'm home and I've got more time....

Kim Flint, MTS                 408-752-9284
ATI Research           kflint@chromatic.com