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Little ersatz done with the DJRND2

Hello Michael,

I am sorry, but I haven't prepared some waves on the Net for the moment
although I have already recorded things backed up on MD's.

I am still not sure it could have proved something for someone who has
not already seen the DJRND2 working.

Nevertheless, let me tell you something I did this week as I am use to
make some funny intuitive things with it :

As I like looping FM radio stations, last day I tuned at random on a
philosophical conversation.

I tapped the speech rate and directly recorded several coupled-up loops.
Some were great!

I immediatly went off the SINC position to repress TAP to display the
loops tempo : something like 78 BPM.

So I fetched a rap music record which I knew it could musicaly fit well

I started playing the disc, tapped the tempo and trimmed it accurately,
and pressed SINC again.

An automatic pitch-shifted synchronization in terms of BPM and Bar had
begun so the DJRND2 correctly fit the looped speech in the disc tempo.

Then I recorded a couple of wheels from the LP while drums and bass, and
that was it.

I could record the result on MD while I was juggling between speech
wheels with the background drums and bass loops spinning.

Funny !

Did you have a look at http://www.club-internet.fr/membres/perille  ?

So long

Emmanuel PERILLE
Villemomble (near Paris)