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Re: feedback pedal

At 8:08 AM -0800 11/27/98, muman@eskimo.com wrote:
>here's a question for you all.
>I hooked up my EDP to my Planet Phatt. I use the EDP to send MIDI
>Clock. For some reason, the feedback pedal acts as a MIDI controller,
>affecting the tonal balance of the Planet Phatt. I finally turned off
>all controllers on the Planet Phatt, to get a clean sound.

The echoplex sends feedback out as a continuous controller message. Seems
that in your case it happens to be sending on a controller number also used
by the Planet Phatt. There are two things you can do.

The Echoplex determines which controller number is used for feedback with
the "FeedBkCont" parameter. You might want to check and see which
controller #'s the Planet Phatt uses and set the Echoplex to use a
different one that won't do anything to the PP.

Or, you could set the echoplex to be on a different midi channel than the
Planet Phatt. Midi clock is independent of midi channel, so this won't
affect your ability to sync the two. If the echoplex is on a different midi
channel, the Planet Phatt should ignore any cc messages it sends, but still
use the midi clock.


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