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More Bass Loopage: Michael Manring

There can't be that many bassists on this list, or else someone else would
have mentioned Michael Manring by now. He's definitely a (shocking) bassist
first and foremost, but has been enjoying a little looping recently. Here's
a bit from a review of a recent Manring concert by Ashton Treadway
<ashton@tundra.org>, posted to "The Bottom Line":

Snakes Got Legs" from Thonk, and, well, erm. Jesus H.P. Laserjet CHRIST.
Michael started with the four-string headless fretted bass, laying down a
slapped percussion, and looping it. He then laid down the primary riff for
the song, and looped that over the first "thump" loop. While this was
playing, he played against and over the two loops, and looped THAT. Then,
with the three loops playing, he put DOWN the original bass, picked up his
Michael Manring Zon HyperBass, and laid down some SCREAMING thrashmetal
licks over everything else, gleefully looping all the while. Before too 
longer, there were about twelve loops playing, all of them perfectly
integrated, and he stood there and just put his head in his hands like "My
God, what have I DONE" before putting down the Hyperbass and going back to
the four-string, gradually stripping loops off until he finished with just

After that song, he said "He has some ISSUES left over from his
adolescence." in this high-school guidance-counselor voice. He's a damn
funny man onstage, and the audience LOVED him.

He's also an alien. I TOLD you.

According to his website (http://www.manthing.com), he's using two Lexicon
JamMan units for looping live. Last time he was in the UK, I didn't find 
until after he left. I'm NOT going to let that happen again! There's almost
NO looping action here in the UK, so I'm going to have to fill the gap
somehow. Either that or get off my own arse..? (hmmm)

Brian Thomson, London UK
bnt@ibm.net / bnt@email.com

"A fig for those by LAW protected,
  LIBERTY's a glorious feast!
 COURTS for cowards were erected,
  CHURCHES built to please the Priest!"
 -- Burns: Love & Liberty (1785)