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Re: cheep looper

>       Anyone try this little thing?:  Sabine Backtrack Digital Sampler.
>  Designed for learning riffs, records up to 30 sec of any audio
> source via line input/output, adjustable playback speed.
> $87.00
>     Seems like it could be useful for mayhem in the aux
> send/return of a mixer.....

yes - i have one for learning ridiculous zappa and fiuczynski riffs.....
and it did dawn on me, as i was loopoing a 30 sec part over and over.. HEY
- this is familiar....

so - yeah - real cool, and nice lofi effect when you slow the signal to
1/3, 1/2, or 2/3 speed.
Nifty, cheap, unique looper for sure. all hand controlled, would need to be
onstage on a music stand etc

peace - andre'

(oh hey - NY'ers mark yer calendar - i'll be looping live with JFK's LSD
UFO tues apr 27 at the knitting factory/alterknit theatre)