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Re: Mr. $700

At 12:21 PM 3/3/99 EST, you wrote:
>In a message dated 3/3/99 6:10:12 AM Mid-Atlantic Standard Time,
>kflint@annihilist.com writes:
><<  I'm going to tell him its $29.99/mo, >>

i heard bob sellon's doing a looper's delight list 0.2 for cheaper.

unfortunately, the undocumented features include:

- won't let you unsubscribe

- automaticly changes the name of most loop artists to "fripp"

- has cross-thread postings from the knitting enthusiast list (that
references to knitting factory    gigs only complicate)

- has been know to spread the virus 'plex.exe' that funnels money out of
you bank account and into the account of alto music.

still thinking about the change....


"I've found Jesus. He was behind the sofa the whole time."

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