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I can get one of those back Tracks for $69 bucks- I just might pick it
up to tide me over until my Ecoplex arrives-they look pretty nifty and
quite portable- plus the EDP does not have the ability to slow the speed
of the loop as far as I know(or keep the pitch the same as orig.).
Please correct me if I am mistaken- I should take a look at the manual
but I am at work-

Anyone here play fretless or microtone guitar/ I am interested to find
more info etc.- mail me off list if you can. Also- does Klein make short
scale guitars? I notice the difference in string tension and find short
scale so much easier to bend, etc.

On the looping side- I got the new E-bow and have been having great fun
using the E-bow and the Vortex to get some small but interesing loops
going- I am going to post 1 or 2 patches to the Vortex database in the
next few days- the Vortex was meant to be heard through headphones, the
spacial effects are great-