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RE: Plug-Ins for Cubase VST?

>Hello my fellow scientific musicians,
>Does anyone know of any Free Plug-Ins download
>sites for the Steinberg Cubase VST (or the like...)?
>Thanks in advance.
>Steve (Curbie)


There are some on Harmony Central, but if you hear of a good dedicated
site, let us know.

BTW, some here may have seen Electronic Musician's article this month on
sound editors.  SoundEdit was mentioned and looked very cool from the
downloadable demo.  I called to order it and found that they are
asking--get this--THIRTY DOLLARS for the thing.  The effects alone (the
reason I want it) are worth far, far, more--no question.  Let me note that
it's Mac only, to save some of you time....

The demo only runs for 20 minutes, and you can't save anything, but people
really oughta at least check out the demo:


David Myers