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Re: Akai MPC 2000

>     Loopdy loops, One of the more interesting and  extremely hifi
>machines available for looping is the Akai mpc2000. Certainly  more
>designed for dj's, it is not as conducive to ambient looping but with 32
>megs of RAM she's long on memory and is designed to loop samples.

I would say the MPC2000 is more designed for studio/composition/live use
rather than for DJ's, other Akai tools such as the Remix16 (or s20) are
more aimed at DJs.

>I think it  would be an excellent studio tool weather your looping beats
>or other noise.  Alas, no footswitch makes it difficult to wield an
>intrument and interface  easily with the MPC2000.Still an interesting
>candidate. Hi Fi  Bugs.

The MPC2000 OS version 1.5 added MIDI footswitch support, so you can
program a MIDI footswitch to make the MPC do what you want with your feet
while wielding your instrument in your hands.


>From the MPC2000 OS1.5 manual update...

MIDI Footswitch Assignment

MIDI Control Change messages sent from the external MIDI devices to
MPC2000 can control the various functions of MPC2000.


MIDI Footswitch Assignment is set in MIDI/SYNC mode. To access MIDI
Footswitch Assignment screen, press [MIDI/SYNC] (numerical key 9) while
holding [SHIFT] key down and then press MIDIsw[F3].

Here, you set which MIDI Control Change message to control for each switch
at Ctrl: field and its function at Function: field.

Note: Each Function is activated when the data value of 64 or more is
received. However, TAP and PAD 01 to 16 will be turned on when
the received value is 64 or more, and turned off when it is less.

The assignable functions are as follows.

PLAY STRT Same function as PLAY START key.
PLAY Same function as PLAY key.
STOP Same function as STOP key.
REC+PLAY Same function as PLAY key press while holding
REC key down.
ODUB+PLAY Same function as PLAY key press while holding
OVERDUB key down.
REC/PUNCH Goes into PLAY from STOP mode, goes into
REC (Punch-in) from PLAY mode or goes into
PLAY (Punch-out) from REC mode.
ODUB/PNCH Goes into PLAY from STOP mode, goes into
OVERDUB (Punch-in) from PLAY mode or goes
into PLAY (Punch-out) from OVERDUB mode.
TAP Same function as TAP TEMPO key.
PAD BANK Same function as PAD BANK key.
PAD 01 to 16 Simulates the drum pad being pressed at full ve-
F1 to F6 Same function as Function key. The function
varies according to the screen displayed at that

Note: While recording the sequence, the Control Change messages as-
signed for this MIDI Footswitch Assignment will not be recorded.
Similarly, the recorded Control Change messages in the se-
quence will be ignored in playback.

The MIDI channel to receive these Control Change messages is set at MIDI
Input Window (set cursor on MIDI channel field on Main Screen and press