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(Fwd) Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com


Really- I don't see a problem with "things", as it was called. Actually, 
to answer the question, it's effective and far simpler to use, than a 
computer. Oh, U may disagree, simply because U may already have a 
computer with software to do the task. But what it comes down to, is 
practicality. If U already have the computer and the software, just 
use that. However, not everybody has that advantage, simply because 
it's envogue (or of current trend). Computers are very prone to failures, 
like program lock-up. One thing's for sure- ya won't have the infamous 
Y2K problem everybody's so worried about with a real tape loop! 

There is also something to be said about doing and building things with 
mind and hands, like restoring a classic car- do that with a computer! 
Basically, life doesn't (and shouldn't) revolve around the computer...life 
is REAL...Live it!


Bob H.