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Re: Devices versus computers for live looping

> they seem to be working pretty well for them. Maybe some of you could
> some pointers/anecdotes/horror stories gleaned from your experiences
> or bad) using computers in live performance, letting those of us with
> live cyber-looping experience in on your secrets (hardware/software
> recommendations or caveats, technique, et cetera).

.. i once saw Jaron Lanier do a great show at the knit/nyc, when he brought
a flowing, eclectic , unique sounding show to it's kness by wasting a LOT
of time trying to get some software to work; the sftwr was supposed to have
his woodwind notes trigger some 3D animation on a stageside monitor. hmmm..
basically it way crossed the line - he was getting very stressed out (not
fun to watch...) and it really wasn't needed - the crowd was loving what
was happening and the reaction of the crowd was palpable - "use the
computer, don't let it use you.."