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Re: Akai MPC 2000

Sorry if I was misleading there - no the mpc2k is not much of a
real-time machine. It's not a looper, but rather a glorified sampling
drum machine. But a good one.

I've prepare multi-tracked sequences ahead of time and play live to
these or process them. There is a tap tempo button which I understand
can also be accessed by footswitch (see Simon's post earlier on this
thread). I've also used the mpc2k in live contexts with other musicians
sorta like a dj - matching tempos etc. This takes a little practice but
it work quite well.

I was often frustrated looping live percussion via microphones into the
Jamman - either the loop would feedback or I would get too much stage
sound in the loop. I suppose these "mistakes" can be interesting things,
too - maybe I'll be able to integrate that later.

-the man cable-

Jonathan El-Bizri schrieb:
> Please tell me more! Can you sample and loop back live? Does it have
> adequate midi implementation (could I use a midi pedal to sample/tap
> tempo/etc, like a super fat echoplex?) I still haven't got my replacement
> looping device after selling my Jam-man (something I regret, though I 
>got a
> good price for it) and a sampler that can sample and playback in real 
> would be very exciting.
> bIz
> >
> > The mpc2k has now supplanted the Jamman as the most important
> > part of my
> > live setup. The mpc2k is more or less well-designed and is
> > really steady
> > time-wise. As a drummer/percussionist I find that I'm getting more
> > effective results with the mpc2k than with the old Jamman. It has this
> > really great feature which allows you to mute up to 64 (!) tracks
> > on/off. Maybe I'll get around to combining them someday -
> > look at all my
> > machines mom!
> >
> > -the man cable-
> >
> > > MARK FRANO schrieb:
> > >
> > > Loopdy loops, One of the more interesting and extremely
> > hifi machines
> > > available for looping is the Akai mpc2000. Certainly more
> > designed for
> > > dj's, it is not as conducive to ambient looping but with 32 megs of
> > > RAM she's long on memory and is designed to loop samples. I think it
> > > would be an excellent studio tool weather your looping
> > beats or other
> > > noise. Alas, no footswitch makes it difficult to wield an intrument
> > > and interface easily with the MPC2000.Still an interesting
> > candidate.
> > > Hi Fi Bugs.
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >