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Re: Mac software/Cathuga/Macathug

In a message dated 3/12/99 11:47:12 AM, dmgraph@pulsewidth.com writes:

<<MaCthugha-  http://www.afn.org/~cthugha   Pretty cool audio-to-video,
billed as "an oscilloscope on acid".  If I were to perform again, I'd want
to get another guy to run this from my sounds.>>

MaCthuga runs itself in response to sound input, whether that sound is
internal to the computer -CD, soundfiles on Hard drive etc., or 
mic or direct input. On the Cathuga/MaCthuga theme, there's a new one of 
audio to interperative video programs on the horiaon called "MidiKaleido" 
Eric Wegner (inventor of Bryce and Metasynth) that should be out soon. It's
currently in limited use/testing.