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Re: OT! Re: if you want to pick on Peavey...

Yikes! How did this thread get started?!  Any way, I've used a lot of 
gear in the last 25 years.  (I'm from MS where its made...) And *every* 
I give their stuff a try again, I get burned.

>>It is these dumb beginners that mess up.

Peavey's gear has always been noisy and much of it seems to be aimed at
I guess they do make a few medium-priced guitars like the Wolfgang thing
(which I actually like).
My first Squier strat was made in Japan, and was a *great* guitar for $250.
I used it for much the same reason Mark C. mentioned below.  For real
stratiness though, I use my G&L S500.
At any rate... they don't make a serious looping device (not that this will
prevent a long and evil smelling thread to arise....) and every piece of
gear Peavey, or otherwise can make spiffy sounds in the right hands.


-----Original Message-----
From: murkie <murkie@panther.middlebury.edu>
To: Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com <Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com>
Date: Monday, March 15, 1999 5:01 PM
Subject: OT! Re: if you want to pick on Peavey...

>okay, here's the other side of the coin.  sorry if this is off topic...
>At 02:19 PM 3/15/99 -0600, you wrote:
>>I think people really don't know much about Peavey.  If you take some
>>time to learn about the company and their products you will find there
>>are of a higher quality than those other guys, I mean come on get real
>>if you add up the sales of Fender and Gibson from last year you still
>>don't equal what Peavey did.  I don't think everyone can be making the
>>same mistake.
>sales don't equal quality.  celene dion has shown us that.
>>It is these dumb beginners that mess up.  They see these guys on TV
>>playing fender and gibson but what they don't realize it that these guys
>>are mostly playing American made vintage stuff, don't get me wrong some
>>of it is good stuff.  But these kids go down to their local dealer and
>>buy a squire "I mean stab me with a spoon" a fender squire.  Any real
>>player knows a fender squire don't cut it.
>i won't even ask what constitutes a "real player", but i have been a
>working musician for almost half my life.  i find i use my $100 mexican
>squire strat a lot these days.  the neck is comfortable, the electronics
>work and i'm not afraid of having it stolen or crushed by falling amps...
>okay, so it's not a klein (and to be fair, i use my klein a lot more than
>the strat).
>i sold all of my peavy gear years ago because i was getting tired of 
>my tech have to repair things onstage mid-show.
>just my opinion.
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