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EDP Feature Idea

Kim & EDP Loopologists -

I have an idea for the next EDP software upgrade. It has to do with live
performance and silently ending / killing an old loop.

The "problem" I'm aiming to "solve" is the deep "PUMB" sound the EDP puts
out when I press and hold RECORD button to kill an old loop.

Normally I decrease the FEEDBACK on my loops until they are silent -- or
rather, the loop has no signal left in it.  Then, to start a new loop I'll
press and hold the RECORD button to clear the "old loop length" from 

It's as the the EDP clears that it emits the deep "pumb" sound.  It's not
much of a bother, but through a big PA it can be very loud.  

Is there a way to silence the EDP so it doesn't make that noise?

David Kirkdorffer