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Re: Custom Echoplex switching pedals...any interest?

At 9:54 AM -0800 3/22/99, Dennis W. Leas wrote:

>RE: controlling two EDPs with one footswitch -
>The EDP is simply using the resistors in the footswitch as one leg of a
>voltage divider.  If you have a three position switch (i.e., A,  B,A+B), 
>think the A+B position could switch a single resistor into the circuit 
>that both EDPs see the correct values of the other resistors.  I haven't
>computed the value, but I think this should be possible.  This set-up 
>not require DPDT switches.

you'd probably run into problems trying this, from noise, resistor
tolerance, different supply voltages on the units, etc. Scaling it would be
a pain too, you couldn't decide one day to use two units instead of 3,
without chaning all your resistors.... You're much better off with one
voltage divider circuit and buffering it with an opamp to the other units.

>RE: controlling more than two EDPs -
>When I look at controlling ALL the front panel functions via MIDI, I 
>been able to find a simple solution to the "long press."  The MIDI pedals
>I've seen aren't adequate for this function.  It seems that I need some 
>of sequencer to send out MIDI messages to simulate a "long press."  Am I
>mistaken?  Has anybody else solved this problem?

my midi pedal does this, no problem. (digitech PMC-10)  Any pedal that can
treat the switches as momentary will work, where it sends one command when
pressed and another command when released. (NoteOn when pressed, NoteOff
when released, etc....)  There are quite a few pedals that do this, some
examples are Rocktron AllAccess, Roland FC-200, bass pedals for organ, etc.
Not to mention any keyboard midi controller. Even a simple pedal like the
Ground Control can do this in limited fashion, using a momentary switch in
the CC inputs. (pressed it sends CC=128, released it sends CC=0, with the
echoplex set to use CC messages for control.) of course, you only get 2 or
3 CC inputs, usually...

>Kim!  How about a simple <bg> software mod that upon receipt of a 
>MIDI command would simulate a "long press"?

oh, we'll do better than that, I would guess.


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