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Re: Photo Show Opening at the Brecht Forum

can someone point out the loop connection to me?

At 08:42 AM 3/23/99 -0800, you wrote:
>Photography opening:  Mark your calendar
>April 2, 6pm, The Brecht Forum, 122 W. 27th St. New York, 212 242-4201
>La Lucha Continua
>> We Resist, We Re-act
>> 2 Photographers: Celia Escudero-Espadas and Diane Greene Lent
>> Two women with different artistic styles but very similar political
>> views present La Lucha Continua; We Resist, We Re-Act.  This exibit
>> portrays the people in struggle from Chiapas to Brooklyn.  The role of
>> the activist photographer is to give vision to the people's message.
>> Throughout the world the people fight back, but the media often
>> to ignor the protests.  If they do see the light of print or
>> all too often the action is characterized as "shades of the sixties".
>> La Lucha Continua shows what the people have to say.  Celia
>> Escudero-Espadas of Spanish origin travels and photographs in Mexico
>> Central America.  As an activist, her photos are an attempt to foster
>> social justice and develop understanding between different cultures by
>> elictiing viewer solidarity with her subjects. Included are images
>> Chiapas of the indiginous people and the Zapitistas where they live
>> struggle. Diane Greene Lent is a New York based photographer who gets
>> out in the streets to make her images. Greene has also done some
>> traveling and brings images from Chile, Mexico, El Salvdor and
>> Ireland.
>> Celia Escudero-Espadas was born in Seville, Sapin and studied
>> photography in Madrid,  Spain and in Maryland.  She has been actively
>> involved with the solidarity movement in Nicaragua, El Salvdador,
>> Chiapas(Mexico) and the US.  As a photographer committed to social
>> isues, Ms Escudero has published photos and articles about AIDS,
>> of color in the U.S. and indigenous people in numerous publications
>> including the New York Times and Z magazine.
>> Diane Greene Lent is a New York activist and photographer.  She works
>> with the Brecht Forum and CISPES (the Committee in Solidarity with the
>> People of El Salvador) and provides photographs and is the web
>> for both organizations.  Greene studied photography at the ICP
>> (International Center of Photography) in New York. She has published
>> photographs in numerous publications including the Village Voice and
>> York Magazine.
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