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Re: steinberger and GK2a

wow, thats odd
i just put a gk2 on my GM
i have the gm-pro so it has the preamp in there too
what i did was moved my eq knobs(your tone knob i suppose) to where my 
coil split switch was(which was a pain since i have th preamp)
i had to file the hole out a bit to get it to fit
thats leaves a PERFECT space for the gk2
i also drilled a hole for the split switch just under the new eq knobs spot
it actually looks nice
its not hard at all, im no good at that type of thing and i pulled it off

In a message dated 3/30/99 1:43:03 PM Eastern Standard Time, 

>  I know this may be a little off topic, but it concerns my main looping
>  axe-a Steinberger GM series with trans trem. I want and now can probably
>  afford to put in a Roland GK2A synth pickup-but where does the little
>  controller box go? My guitar tech says the internal version will take up
>  even more internal landscape than i've got. Any experiences/advise/
>  screams of offtopicness? any and all help/direction would be greatly
>  appreciated.