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Re: full range setup out of a 4X12 cab(slight loop content)

>ive always loved the sound of full range guitar(particularly clean)but 
>the grime of the 4X12 for distortion etc....
>im also doing alot of full range looping stuff
>and to top that off i also got a vg8 recently
>i want to know if anyone out there has midified their 4X12 with something
>like a tweeter
>or throwing some bass 10s in there instead of 2 12's
>i.e. left side=a 10(bass) 12(mids) and a tweeter(highs)
>same for right
>crosover, no crosover?

At PARADIS we proposed this in the eighties. We added a small cabinet with
a mid-high 8' speaker and a cap (as crossover, otherwhies it does not
survive!) and a footswitch so you can use it for clear piezo sounds and
switch it off for heavy solos...