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Re: Fripp & the EH16

At 09:37 AM 6/17/99 +0100, you wrote:
>> Have everyone forgotten that EH 16 second delay contraption circa 1984? 
>> I've never used one but I think Belew & Fripp were pretty enthused about
>> when it came.
>I saw Robert Fripp performing with one of these in Liverpool in 1984...

Yeah, I caught Belew on his "Twang Bar King" tour in a small club in Boston
right around that time. I had a good vantage point; I was right up at his
monitor, front row, so I got a good gear-view. Belew even described his
EH16 to the crowd, giving a little demo and referring to it as a
"Fripp-in-the-Box"; I guess he hadn't had it very long and was pretty
excited by it. He was using his Roland-equipped customised Jaguars at the
time, and his JC120 was about 12 feet from my head, pointing right at me.