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Re: In search of the ultimate looper?

>From: "K. Douglas Baldwin" <dbaldwin@suffolk.lib.ny.us>

> From time to time, mention of the EH 16-sec delay comes up. Having owned 
> for a couple of years back in the mid-to-late 80's, I can only say that 
> is better left alone.

If you want pristine digital sounding loops then steer clear of the EH16 
if you want a great, warm-sounding device that is quick to use and very
musical then accept no substitute.

>  Among other things, it was poorly built, noisy, and
>> had very poor bandwidth.

EH were never known for their build quality, all of your hard-earned went 
sound. As for noisy well, we are talking about early digital technology but
I don't find noise a problem and one man's poor bandwidth is another man's
soulful character.

>  but it has been greatly superceded by what is
>> now available.

No way! Nothing comes close to sounding like my EH! You can get bigger and
"better" but this thing has a sound.

Martin Shellard