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Re: 16 second delay problem

In a message dated 11/26/99 5:37:46 PM, xouoxno@virtulink.com writes:

>> huh?  The line 6 DL4 doesn't have any eh-16 model!
>Oops. A quick glance at the pdf manual I printed out from their
>web site shows the Deluxe Memory Man. My mistake. Duh.

I'm hoping the lo-res model on the DL-4 (as low as 6 bits!) might be 
reminiscent of the EH 2 second digital delay, a similar texture to the 
16.  Too bad the DL-4 doesn't appear to do the chorus modulation in this 

Been keeping an eye out for one of those 2 second models for a long time 
but it is indeed dangerous technology to spend much money on. It seems the 
A-D converters (long out of production) are even more prone to failure on 
these units then on the 16. I've come across 4 or 5 broken units, and one 
was preparing to buy suddenly took a dump and has been out for repair for 
weeks. In this regard the new modelling technology is very attractive.

eric p
echo park