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begin of millenium/plus effects

We are born at age 0.

** i once read that in china people are considered to be one year old when
they are born. is there any truth to this?

someone mentioned time being a poorly measured item. there is a (semi-) new
theory (just read about in l.a. times about a week ago) called string
theory. it posits that time and space may be meaningless. the universe is
made up of infinitesimally small strings that merge and unmerge (somehow
reminding me of looping). there may or may not be cause and effect. there
asre eleven dimensions, not four (graivity being a dimension). but then we
all know that the measurement of time is just a construct that human beings
made to deal with natural phenomenon - - right?

someone mentioned using effects as an instrument. there is aguy doing just
that in l.a. his name is art jarvinen. he's a percussionist/composer who
also does this thing with a bunch of stomp boxes feeding back into each
other . . . and he manipulates the knobs to change the sound. no input