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Re: MIDI Sequencers, computers and live acts

samuel wrote:
> Do you know some hardware sequencer which has the ability of being
> programmed from the computer???

Well, strictly speaking, _any_ hardware sequencer has the ability of
being programmed from the computer if you have a card capable of
supplying a MIDI out (game port and appropriate cable).  You just 
sequence on the computer (Master Tracks Pro, an excellent program, 
can be had for US$30), then play it from the computer, and record it 
from the hardware sequencer.

I realize that was not what you were really asking, you wanted the
MIDI "loop points" captured for manipulation by the hardware 
sequencer, but I suppose what I was getting at was that if you want 
an interim solution, you can download most of it from the computer, 
then edit the loop points manually.

Personally, I use the sequencing capabilities built into my Kurzweil
K2500RS, which has some really nice "loopy" features, so I can't be 
of any help there.  Sorry.
I remain,
:-Peter aka :-Dusty :-Chalk