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R: R: Sushi ...what about italian food?

Was it me the only looper using no samplers?
Very interesting the situation, there is something fresh in the air...
Perille, what is DJRND2? (and thanks for the invitation !)
Tim, it's my disaster! I am waiting my edp back from Gibson where i sent it
on July the 14th for fixing under warranty. Any has seen it somewhere? 
it is flying back and forth from Gibson to Trace Elliot! ...since 7 months.
Michael, I agree with you. Plus I think feeding (with food, with ideas, 
affect...) is the most important thing.

Anyway I think I am going to explore this new part of the sea with 
Can we make a chart of which samplers and sequencer (if the use of my 
VS 840 ex is not helping in this case) are the most suggested from this
We can consider samplers with their own hardware or as pc programs.
I would really appreciate this help from you.

For me looping is a reflection of my thoughts.
Make them looping is the inner sense of make an idea grow without loosing
its root and see how much the tree can go high, until it finds that a leave
can become the soil for a new birth.

I love sushi.