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Re: OT:Chaos

Yes, the Gleick book is very good (though now somewhat dated). If you
enjoyed it you'll love "Complexity", a book by M. Mitchell Waldrop,
which picks up where Gleick left off.

Another area of interest to chaos and complexity theorists
is genetic algorithms - applying evolutionary algorithms to
problem solving - like music composition, for instance.
John H. Holland's book, "Emergence" is about the emergence
of order from disorder, and offers many insights into
what loopers do.

I'm glad to see that others are into this stuff, too.

- Larry T

>For some reason I thought I would through this out, especially after
>at the book liston the web site.  Even though it contains nothing musical
>whatsoever, the book Chaos by James Gleick has definitely changed my whole
>musical outlook.  The book is essentially a historical look on the
>developements of the Chaos theory.  Considering that all of us here work 
>field that exploits random mutations of a system, I thought it would be a
>great addition to the reading list.  The book was recommended to me by
>percussion teacher who uses all sorts of phase manipulations and feedback
>scenarios to alter motives.
>Also, similarly off topic, someone wrote to me regarding the digitech
>mail-list.  Please reply, I would like to get back on the 2112 list.