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Re: DFX94 4 second sampler

>Anyone have any advise on using a DOD DFX94 4 second delay/sampler? I just
>got a hold of one and am new to sampling so any info would help out.

1) Don't use it just for guitar! It's good for anything!

2) Not a lot of loopers have an analog pitch wheel, but this one does.

3) "Repeat" indicates how many layers your sample or loop can have.

4) It's not really good for trying to get the timing of things to match up 
exactly, but it's great for creating interesting surprises simultaneously.

5) Try layering the same thing at different pitches and speeds, at 

6) If you loop a solid note on it, then you can play it like it's own 
instrument using the pitch wheel and the volume control.

7) You can also play it like an instrument by using the triggered sample 
playback (where you hit the pedal to play the sample) with the volume 

8) It's the most useful squashbox you'll ever own! Don't ever mistake it 
"another effect pedal"!

Anything more, and I'll be letting you in on my trade secrets.

good luck!

Matt Davignon
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