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Re: akai headrush

I like mine a lot, but it does have its limitations. Seems an awful lot of
people are trading in their Headrushes for DL4's.

My Headrush has been very dependable, and any problems I've had with it
aren't really its fault. For example, it tends to break up pretty easily on
bassy content, but I've found that's more a gain-staging thing that you'll
find with ANY looper. Also, some users have complained that it's not a true
bypass, but I haven't found that to be a huge problem.

The Headrush is easy to use, and it's very rugged. The sample rate (and
therefore the sound quality) is excellent. If you're looking for lots of
features or more loop time (the 23.8 seconds claimed for the Headrush is
cut in half if you intend to do any layering), you might be better spending
a little more for something more versatile, but the 'rush certainly does
what it's advertised to do, and even if you do eventually upgrade to a more
full-featured looper, you'd still probably find the Headrush useful
somewhere in your setup. People have tried mine, then bought one of their
own, so if you can find someone who's got one, you might want to play with
it for a while, as they can be kind of hard to find in stores. (Everyone I
know who has one got it through mail-order...)


At 08:44 AM 2/4/00 EST, you wrote:
>i checked out the past postings on this box and am very interested in 
>one. i would like to know if anyone has found any problems with this unit 
>before i commit the cash to it.