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LOOPFEST TWO gig in Santa Cruz, CA. USA, Earth...

Ok gang... here's the official fancy-pants press release for the loop gig! 
Now I'm getting excited! 8-) 

On Sunday, February 13th at 8 p.m., Rick Walker presents the Festival of 
Emerging Santa Cruz Electronica, REV 5.0: LOOPFEST TWO at the BULKHEAD 
GALLERY (also slated for demolition later next month following the fate of 

After the success of the first digital looping festival, four more artists 
have been slated to perform including a full set from Loop.One (Rick 
Walkers' solo looping project). 

Opening the show is GARY HULL, followed by an atmospheric solo guitar 
looping performance by BILL WALKER. MIKO B will then follow with a set of 
sonic mayhem and wonder followed by RICK WALKER's LOOP.ONE (a set composed 
of found percussion, odd instruments, perplexing rhythms and audience 

All proceeds will go to benefit the CULTURAL WORKERS UNION and the 
BULKHEAD GALLERY. The Bulkhead Gallery is just north of the Town Clock off 
of Pacific Avenue. A sliding scale donation of $5-$10 is suggested. 

please call Rick Walker at 425-8659 for more information