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Re: strange instruments/"electric didgeridu"

hi folks , 
thought i might comment on this thread...one of the 2 bands i am fortunate
enough to contribute to is Psuedo Buddha (Bobdog, and James Sidlo from LD)
well any way we have a didg player (eucalyptus) who does mucho looping
his looper of choice is an old Ibanez DM-1100...he has the ability to 
parameters, unavailable on my jamman, and plex. it is a unique modern
approach to a very ancient instrument.

if ya have'nt checked out our website,, you can hear this looped didg,,and
other strange instruments



At 11:00 AM 2/5/00 -0500, you wrote:
>Hey, if any of you who are into looping unusual instruments want to read
>about something downright weird, go to eBay and type in "electric
>didgeridu" sometime in the next day and a half...