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Re: Seeking synthesizer advice...NAMM

>At 5:21 PM -0800 2/7/00, L Tremblay wrote:
>>Most all-in-one swiss-army boxes really suck unless you
>>get something at the very high-end. So your choice depends
>>in part on your budget. And remember: NAMM just finished,
>>which means there are now even more choices, and conversely,
>>more opportunities to buy last years model at blow-out
>don't count on too many more choices. Some of the themes for this year
>seemed to be missing-in-action, mergers-and-acquisitions,
>barely-saved-from-oblivion, and on-the-deathbed.
>any others? I'm sure I missed plenty of goodies.

>But get this, Alesis has a real 16 voice analog synth!

The Alesis looks very good! I've got my eye on it. The new Korg MS2000
is another new box with great potential too. We've been discussing
these goodies, and others, on Analogue Heaven.

- Larry T