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Found Sound Chain-Letter CD now available!

Hi everyone!

We just finished making a CD completely of Found Sounds (previously 
media and recordings, sometimes including our own older recordings.

The following artists, mostly from Loopers Delight, are included on this 

Tim Nelson
David Cooper Orton
Josh Pyorre
Raul Bonell Tomas
Echovirus (aka Rob Switzer)
Michael Klobuchar
Superfluid (aka Morgan Hamilton Lang)
Dennis Leas
and myself (Matt Davignon)

Come! Hear us all bark at the challenge of using no real instruments for 
entire disc!

You can download the entire (or just some - your choice) contents of the 

or just get there the easy way by going to


You can also order the disc for the unheard-of low price of $5 per disc. 
(It's a full length disc if you were wondering). Contact me via e-mail if 
you want one.

Matt Davignon

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