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fizmo and such

The local guitar center/mars stores were blowing them out for around
$400, I heard at least one report of a floor demo model selling for
$200.  This is the american midwest (Minnesota).  The Musicians'
Friend catalog had it for $400 as well.  Used?  I don't know.

I don't care if it had bad reviews, I was making some of the coolest
hallucinogenic textures ever, right in the store and I wasn't even

They probably thought I was sick.

Live electric guitar and loops in a borders?  There is hope for me
yet.  I wanna do that.

I gotta do some gigs or I'll just sit in my basement forever.

Speaking of which, Rev 1 of "Loop 45", my 45 minute loop suite is
pretty much done, but I have another long form piece I could make
it morph into making it LOOP80.  That would be a good thing, 80 
minutes of looped insanity.

Don't get me started!