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Re: Plexes and instruments: a Sunday evening essay

kf, et al:

<<widebodied snipping & evil quote-misplacements>>

> But regardless of the sound chip's up-to-datedness,
> the looping functionality of the echoplex is by far
> the state of the art.
> There is nothing out there even close.
> By that metric, the echoplex leads the world
> by a good 5-10 years of development time!
yup, there it is.....
feature/functionality/realtime interface-wise, there is *no contest* twixt 
the edp & any other loopingdevice i've played---
{though, of course:
a) there are devices i'm sure i ain't tried, yet &
b) it might be noted that the product-oriented paradigm i've used, above, 
is not necessarily pertinent to the creation of music}.

> So your choice: 24bit/96KHz of looping functions from
> 1982,
hey! i could swear that you'd just said:
> The sound chip technology might be a few years old,
> 'tis true, but then so's a tube amp
> and a microphone and a tb-303.
hmmm... anyway:
i'm still finding new modes of expression w/my old-tech's sound & 
functionality; yeah, even the antiquated looping-devices: even the oud, yo.
8bit? 17ksampling?
who cares!?!
it all just results in a sound flying thru the vibrating & 
ever-disappearing-air, anyways:
to quote russell hoban (way out of context, natch),
'there are no digressions'.....

> or 16bit/41.4KHz of the most radically
> innovative loop instrument there is! :-)
well, actually..... hmmm... lemme thinka minit, ummunnhh.....
i think i'll have a double-order of the radical-innovation-thingie (!edp!) 
w/a healthy buncha old-tech on the side, puhleez.....

> my totally biased opinion, of course. :-)
an opinion w/which i, for one, agree.
pax aus,