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Re: Stuck in the Middle Problem: Jumpered Jacks/Mailaway

Hoooooray. The misioncontrolherniamaker is feeling much better.

The problem has been solved, and Mr. Butler's diagnosis wins the prize for
being the closest to the strangeness that was actually going on.

The speaker outs were jumpered to jacks on the side of my rack. The jack
grounds were weakly and intermittently shorting through some metal
components of the rack.

When I attempted to contact Electar*, Gibson Tech Support wanted me to send
the unit away for repair by an authorized service center. Since I wasn't at
all positive the problem was within the amp at all, I really just wanted
some assistance in troubleshooting its use with other equipment. I can
understand Gibson's perspective in wanting to ensure the problem wasn't on
their end with a defective product, but I really didn't want to pay to send
a new, straight-outa-the-box amp away for repair when there probably was
nothing wrong with it, to find a problem with a larger system of which it
was only a part. Gibson's Tech Rep was polite and professional, and I'm not
slamming their service at all, but I feel fortunate for forums such as this
one where a common topic of discussion is the INTERACTION of the various
pieces of gear within our setups, not just manufacturer-specific specs.
It's cool that reps from several different gear-makers can exist
symbiotically on Looper's Delight, enriching the loopcommunity as we mix
and match our electronics, new and old. 

In troubleshooting, I found several other weak links in the system, which
have since been addressed, so in effect my whole speaker system has just
had a tuneup. Sounds pretty good now! Amazing what a little solder, a
vacuum cleaner and some replacement grille screws can do to a club-weary
pair of 12" stage monitors still wearing the dust and grime of their tour
of duty in the Elvis Room, Portsmouth, NH.

Thanks to all who offered advice.


* Didn't a batch of EDP footswitches come out a while back bearing the
Electar logo? What happened with that, anyway? How many divisions did
Gibson shuffle it around to post-Oberhiem and pre-Trace Elliott? The
manufacturing history of the EDP would make an interesting addition to the
Tools of the Trade page for the EDP, don'cha think?

At 12:53 PM 2/5/00 EST, you wrote:
>In a message dated 04/02/00 19:42:50 GMT Standard Time, tcn62@ici.net 
>> amp's mono/bridge switch is in the correct
>>  position, 
>How about the speaker connections, if the -VE outputs aren't both grounded
>then I figure you could get the effect you describe by swapping over the 
>-VE speaker wires. Then the +VE of one spkr would be connected to the 
>-VE of the wrong channel( &v.v.).
>just an idea mind , have you asked 'Electar'? , bet they'd know straight
>Oh , and commiserations with the 'hernia'.
>Andy "Rack-too-Large-also" Butler