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Re: Guitar synth..take it (or leave it ) for what it is

>>I think there was also a guitar (late 1980s) that bounced an ultrasonic 
>>wave from the bridge up the string, where it reflected off the fret, and 
>>using this it could work out the note for MIDI info

>Seriously, a guitar synth can do some wonderful things.  The first
>one I had was the now dirt cheap, but a little hard-to-find Yamaha 
>G10--kinda > looked like a long green pickle with strings.

Actually I'm a G10 owner and it always looked like a cross between a 
steinberger and a dustbuster to me.  I believe the Beetle Quantar also had 
sonar pickups.

Here's a good description of midi guitars old and new:


Not to beat this to death or anything, I find midi guitar fascinating and 
well-disposed to loop music.  Different strokes, though.  It would be 
unfortunate, in my mind, to express an opinion on this matter at the 
of another's opinion.  I appreciate Kim's contributions to this list as 
as others, and it would be a downer to see bad vibes flung around.  Peace?


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